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What do I Need to Know to Build a Video Projection System?

For the DVI port
DVI has a limited range of 20 feet. On the other hand, some DVI ports are configured to work with HDMI or VGA. An adapter would be required to connect them. The M5141 will adapt a DVI-I or DVI-D to an HDMI cable (not DVI-A). The M5147 will adapt a DVI-I or DVI-A to a VGA cable (not DVI-D).
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For the VGA port
Most projectors have at least 1-VGA port, 1-Composite port, 1-SVHS port, and 1-3.5mm stereo port. So for the most part you will need a VGA cable you will most likely need a Male/Male cable. We also have Male/Female cables. I would recommend getting a VGA booster/splitter as well so you can use your monitor and projector at the same time (you may have poor video quality if you try to run both without the booster).

For the Composite Port
The Composite connector is the same type that is on the back of a VCR you will need a Male/Male cable for this connection. We also have 4 port, and 7 port distribution Amplifiers for Composite signals so you can run a signal to more than one Projector or TV.

For the SVHS port
The SVHS signal is delivered by a 4 pin cable, Once again we carry a Distribution Amplifier. Any of these connections will give you a decent Picture but the VGA is the only one that will give you a high-resolution picture. (This also depends on how high the resolution goes on your projector).

For the 3.5mm port
If you have one of these ports, It will be for audio you will need a 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect the projector to you stereo or sound system.
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