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Large Computers & Mainframe Cables

ADD To CARTMore Info
ADP7063Balun - Twinax™ Male to RJ45More Info
ADP7071Balun - IBM™ Token Ring to RJ11More Info
DBSODB Screw Threaded Standoff Sold as Each, order two for each D-Style connectorMore Info
LM0200IBM Twinax™ CableClick Here to see all lengths available
L0208IBM™ 5250 Emulation Cable Without Termination 1'More Info
L0209IBM Twinax™ TerminatorMore Info
L0250Token Ring Patch Cable 8'More Info
L0255Token Ring Adapter Cable 8'More Info
L0256Type 3 Media Filter 4 and 16Meg RJ11More Info
L0257Type 3 Media Jumper 13'More Info
L0258Type 3 Media Filter 4 and 16Meg RJ45More Info
L0259Data Grade Media Filter 8inMore Info
L0534MMJ to RJ45 Crossed Cable 7'More Info
L0535MMJ to RJ45 Straight Cable 7'More Info
L0536DEC MMJ Crossed Cable 7'More Info
L0537DEC MMJ Straight Through Cable 7'More Info
M1820Sun Sparc AUI and Sound AdapterMore Info
M1821Sun Sparc AUI Cable 6'More Info
M1822Sun Sparc Sound Cable 6'More Info
M1827-01Sun Sparc Cable Parallel to DB25 1'More Info
LM5291Sun Monitor 13W3 Male to Male CableClick Here to see all lengths available
M5292Sun Monitor Extension Cable 13W3 Male to Female 6'More Info
M5292-10Sun Monitor Extension Cable 13W3 Male to Female 10'More Info
M5294Sun Monitor 13W3 Male to 4 BNC Cable 6'More Info
M5294-10Sun Monitor 13W3 Male to 4 BNC Cable 10'More Info
M5297Sun to VGA Monitor Adapter 13W3 Male to DH15 FemaleMore Info
M5298Sun to VGA Cable 13W3 Male to DH15 Male 6'More Info
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