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Header Connector Blocks for PC Boards

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HD1X01FHeader Connector 1x1 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X02PCB Header Pins 1x2More Info
HD1X02FHeader Connector 1x2 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X03PCB Header Pins 1x3More Info
HD1X03FHeader Connector 1x3 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X04PCB Header Pins 1x4More Info
HD1X04FHeader Connector 1x4 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X05PCB Header Pins 1x5More Info
HD1X05FHeader Connector 1x5 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X06PCB Header Pins 1x6More Info
HD1X06FHeader Connector 1x6 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X07PCB Header Pins 1x7More Info
HD1X07FHeader Connector 1x7 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X08PCB Header Pins 1x8More Info
HD1X08FHeader Connector 1x8 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X09PCB Header Pins 1x9More Info
HD1X09FHeader Connector 1x9 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X10PCB Header Pins 1x10More Info
HD1X10FHeader Connector 1x10 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X20PCB Header Pins 1x20More Info
HD1X20FHeader Connector 1x20 ReceptacleMore Info
HD1X40PCB Header Pins 1x40More Info
HD1X40FHeader Connector 1x40 ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X02PCB Header Pins 4 Pin (2x2)More Info
HD2X02FHeader Connector 2x1 ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X03PCB Header Pins 6 Pin (2x3)More Info
HD2X03FHeader Connector 6 Pin (2x3) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X04PCB Header Pins 8 Pin (2x4)More Info
HD2X04FHeader Connector 8 Pin (2x4) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X05PCB Header Pins 10 Pin (2x5)More Info
HD2X05FHeader Connector 10 Pin (2x5) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X06PCB Header Pins 12 Pin (2x6)More Info
HD2X06FHeader Connector 12 Pin (2x6) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X07PCB Header Pins 14 Pin (2x7)More Info
HD2X07FHeader Connector 14 Pin (2x7) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X08PCB Header Pins 16 Pin (2x8)More Info
HD2X08FHeader Connector 16 Pin (2x8) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X09PCB Header Pins 18 Pin (2x9)More Info
HD2X09FHeader Connector 18 Pin (2x9) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X10PCB Header Pins 20 Pin (2x10)More Info
HD2X10FHeader Connector 20 Pin (2x10) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X20PCB Header Pins 40 Pin (2x20)More Info
HD2X20FHeader Connector 40 Pin (2x20) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X22PCB Header Pins 44 Pin (2x22)More Info
HD2X22FHeader Connector 44 Pin (2x22) ReceptacleMore Info
HD2X25PCB Header Pins 50 Pin (2x25)More Info
HD2X25FHeader Connector 50 Pin (2x25) ReceptacleMore Info
HD34HHeader Hood - 2X17 FujitsuMore Info
HD40FHeader Connector - 2X20 FujitsuMore Info
HDPINFHeader Pin - Female for 22 through 26 AWG wireMore Info
HDPOLPolarizer Plug for HDxxF ConnectorsMore Info
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