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Wire Management Ladder Racks

Constructed of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, the Ladder Racks provide a convenient cable management directly to the computer room and easily attach to an enclosure or relay rack. These Ladder Racks are category 5 and 6 compliant and meet the TIA-569A standards. The Ladder Racks are also coated with a durable, non-corrosive powder finish.
PL0001Foot Kit (floor mount), Kit contains two joiners, two feet (one for each ladder rail) and hardware for joining them. Does not include floor mounting bolts.
PL0002Butt Splice Kit (joiners), Kit contains two joiners (one for each ladder rail) and hardware for them.
PL0003End Pieces for Rod Mount (the rod is a separate item, PL0004), Kit contains one ceiling mount and one ladder mount. For the above illustration, qty 4 were used. Does not include ceiling mounting bolts.
PL0004Rod Mount, the entire rod is threaded and comes 6 feet long, can be cut to desired length(s). The PL0003 above is used to mount the rod from ceiling to ladder.
PL0005T-Junction Splice Kit, Kit contains two T-Joiners (one for each ladder rail) and hardware for them.
PL0006Ladder to Rack plate, Kit contains plate and four J-Bolts (extra J-Bolts are PL0011). This plate works with all ladder widths.
PL0007Vertical Wall Brackets, Kit contains two brackets (one for each ladder rail). Does not include wall mounting bolts.
PL00087 inch J hook. Doesn't include wall or ceiling mounting bolts.
PL0011J-Bolts, sold in pairs. These are extras, the items that use J-Bolts should have them included already.
  ww=12 inch
Straight Section 6 feet (ff=6) PL1206
Straight Section 10 feet (ff=10) Call
Outside Corner PL1220
Inside Corner Not Available
Flat Corner Not Available
Wall Angle Support, Kit includes bar and two J-Bolts to mount ladder (extra J-Bolts are PL0011). Does not include wall mounting bolts. PL1223
Triangular Support Bracket, Kit includes bracket and two J-Bolts (extra J-Bolts are PL0011). Does not include wall mounting bolts. Not Available
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