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Other Tools & Testers

ADD To CARTMore Info
ADP8100RS232 Surge Protector (pins 2 3 and 7)More Info
EXC0001Glass Cleaner 19 oz.More Info
EXC0002Contact Cleaner 11 oz.More Info
EXC0003Electronics Cleaner 6 oz.More Info
EXC0004Canned Air 8 oz. for DustingMore Info
EXC0005Freeze Spray 10 oz.More Info
EXC0006Rubber Rejuvenator 10 oz.More Info
EXC0007Mist Spray Adhesive 16.25 oz.More Info
EXC0008Ink & Adhesive Remover 5 oz.More Info
EXC0009Anti Static Cleaning Wipes for Computer & Office Equipment including Screens-40 packMore Info
EXC7050Computer Service Tool KitMore Info
EXC70516 Piece Screwdriver SetMore Info
EXC705235 Piece Computer Service Tool KitMore Info
EXC705348 Piece Computer Service Tool KitMore Info
EXC706030 Watt Soldering PencilMore Info
EXC7061Soldering Pencil StandMore Info
EXC7062Soldering Tip Replacement for EXC7060More Info
EXC7065Anti-Static Wrist StrapMore Info
EXC7070130Ft (40m) Laser Distance Meter with 1/16" AccuracyMore Info
L6006NEthernet™ 10 or 100-Meg Crossover AdapterMore Info
VEL-044' Hook & Loop fastening pads with adhesive backsMore Info
VEL901992 inch x 4 inch Hook & Loop fastening pads with adhesive backs, 2 setsMore Info
VEL9034012 inch x 3/4 inch Hook & Loop fastening strapMore Info
VEL904388 inch Wrap around Tie straps, package of 5 different colorsMore Info
VEL909241/2 x 8 inch Wrap around Tie straps, package contains 25 black and 25 greyMore Info
VEL909271/2 x 8 inch Wrap around Tie straps, package contains 25 blackMore Info
VEL911401/2 x 8 inch Wrap around Tie straps, package contains 100 blackMore Info
VEL942571/2 x 15 inch Wrap around Tie straps, package contains 15 black and 15 greyMore Info
ZSOLDER-THINSolder 1Lb .032 SN63 WRAP-3More Info
ZSOLDERBARSolder Bar 1.66 Lb. SN63More Info
ZSOLDERNL-THINLead Free Solder 1Lb .032More Info
ZSOLDERNLROLLLead Free Solder 1Lb .050More Info
ZSOLDERROLLSolder 1LB .050More Info
ZSOLDERWDesoldering BraidMore Info
ZTAPEBlack Electrical Tape .75 inch wide x 60 feet longMore Info
ZTAPE-COP1-4Conductive Copper Tape 1/4 inch wide x 162 feetMore Info
ZTAPE-COP3-4Conductive Copper Tape 3/4 inch wide x 54 feetMore Info
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