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Part Number: ADP3356

Product Description:

FLASH-NET Parallel Transmitter

Category: Electronic items w/DB25, Electronic items w/MP06, and Flashnet

FLASH/NET Parallel Transmitter
With the Flash/Net system, up to 24 computers (as many as 64 when adapters are used) can easily share up to 8 printers using inexpensive 4-wire telephone line in a Bus, Star or Tree topology. Printers can be selected using a manual controller (optional purchase), or software control. To cope with today's speedy PC systems, Flash/Net has a throughput of up to 22 Kbytes per second - making it faster than any similar network.
This advanced power-free printer network eliminates the need for multiple auto switches and heavy, tangled cables. Flash/Net comes in both Centronics and Serial models, which can be intermixed in the same network. Simple installation and ease of operation make this printer-sharing network suitable for all user levels. Simply plug a transmitter unit into the PC's parallel or serial port; a receiver unit into the printer; connect the units with a 4-wire telephone line (straight-through) and you are ready to go.

  • Centronics and RS-232 Models can be intermixed
  • Works in Bus/Star/Tree topologies
  • Software or Manual* Printer selection (* Requires optional ADP3354 unit)
  • Simultaneous Printing Capability
  • Data Transfer Rate: 22 Kbytes per second
  • Distance: up to 366m (1200')
  • No external power required
  • FCC Approved
The components that make up the Flash/Net system are the following:
Component TypePurpose
ADP3356Centronics TransmitterConnects to PC's Parallel port; receives print jobs from the Parallel port and sends them to the Receiver
Centronics ReceiverConnects to a parallel printer receives print jobs from the transmitter and passes them on to the printer. The ADP3357-1 has a 1-Meg buffer built into it.
ADP3351Serial TransmitterConnects to PC's COM port; receives print jobs from the COM port and passes them on to the receiver.
ADP3354Manual Printer Selection Controller (Optional)Connects to a Transmitter; selects which receiver will get the print job. This provides the easiest selection method - eliminating the need for software.
Function Transmitters Receivers
ConnectorsInput1 DB-25 Female1 RS-232 DB-25 Female2 x 6P4C Jacks2 x 6P4C Jacks
Output2 x 6P4C Jacks2 x 6P4C Jacks1 Centronics C-36 Male1 RS-232 DB-25 Female
I/O Arbitration First Come First Served for each printer
Concurrent for all printers
Printer Selection Auto/Manual
Data Transfer Rate 22 Kbytes/Sec (Max)
Power ConsumptionDC 9V 5mADC 9V 80mADC 9V 5mADC 9V 80mA
Auto Formfeed Selection Enabled/Disabled
Timeout Selection 5-60 Seconds
Link Selection To a printer - or automatically to a ready printer
Weight 47g 60g 50g 60g
Dimensions (L x W x H)82 x 54 x 26 mm93 x 53 x 21 mm76 x 53 x 21 mm93 x 53 x 23 mm
Please Note: The ADP3356 is designed to work with older centronic style printers and will not work with newer IEEE1284 printers unless the IEEE1284 is disabled.
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