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Part Number: CAB040-RI

Product Description:

28 Gauge 40 Conductor .05" Pitch Ribbon Cable

Category: Ribbon

28/40 Conductor Ribbon Cable
dimensionsThis ribbon wire works for mass termination. The maximum length varies with the application but typically shouldn't be more than 5 to 7 feet.
Wire Gage and Stranding:28 AWG (7x36)
The connectors typically used on this wire are ID40F and/or CE40F.
40 conductor ribbon cable is used on PC internal IDE hard drive connections.
This ribbon cable is .05 inch pitch, a typical connector would be two row .1 inch pitch, see CAB040-RI-TW for .05 pitch twist and flat unshielded ribbon for longer distance connections. This low grade cable is not able to work with the new Ultra ATA drives, for Ultra ATA, see our CAB080-RH.
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