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Part Number: CAB050-RI

Product Description:

28 Gauge 50 Conductor .05" Pitch Ribbon Cable

Category: Ribbon, and SCSI & 1284

28/50 Conductor Ribbon Cable
dimensionsThis ribbon wire works for mass termination. The maximum length varies with the application but typically shouldn't be more than 5 to 7 feet.
Wire Gage and Stranding:28 AWG (7x36)
The connectors typically used on this wire are ID50F and/or CE50F.
50 conductor ribbon cable is used on PC internal SCSI hard drive connections.
This ribbon cable is .05 inch pitch, a typical connector would be two row .1 inch pitch, see CAB050-RI-TW for .05 pitch twist and flat unshielded ribbon for longer distance connections, CAB050-RSR for a .05 inch pitch ribbon bundled in a round shielded jacket, CAB050-RM for a 1mm pitch (about .04 inch) ribbon with same number of conductors, or CAB050-RH for .025 pitch (double density) ribbon with same number of conductors.
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