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Part Number: K1915429

Product Description:

Pivot Frame Rack Cover

Category: Wall Racks

Pivot Frame Rack Cover
The Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack Cover was designed as an enclosure for the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack. Whether placed above or below the rack, the cover provides a flat and sturdy surface for other non-rack mountable equipment. The cover also prevents dust and debris from settling on the equipment. To create a larger racking solution, network installers will often mount multiple Pivot Frame Wall Mount Racks above and/or below each other, and in this case, the cover acts as a separator between each unit. The cover's rear cut out also provides an entrance for cable routing. Top off your Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack and protect your system with the convenient Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack Cover.

We also carry Brackets that can be mounted over the cover (see lowest picture below).

  • 19" EIA 310-D compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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