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Part Number: SSAM90-AP

Product Description:

MAS90 Accounts Payable Module

Category: Mas200

MAS90 Accounts Payable Module
Modules required before Accounts Payable
Library Master
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Accounts Payable

When itís your job to know the bottom line at all times, you can perform best when you have a sophisticated back-office accounting management solution. The Accounts Payable module for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP systems is designed to accommodate dynamic business models, giving you the data and knowledge to make better business decisions. Youíll improve your financial visibility by tracking payments such as commissions, royalties, and purchase orders. And, develop budgets based on real-time data that reflects all aspects of your unique business.

The Accounts Payable module provides a comprehensive solution to automate management of your expenditures. Beyond recording your vendor and creditor obligations and financial transactions, you can track early payment discounts received for invoices paid within the discount due date. Plus, informative financial reports, including payables aging and future cash requirements, offer valuable business insights to aid your decision-making.

You can easily adapt Accounts Payable to synch with how you run your business. Execute your accounting by department or division, balance multiple bank accounts, analyze vendor master file changes, incorporate use tax and freight allocation, add new vendors and codes on the fly, automate payment selection, print standard or custom-stock checks, retain invoice history, reverse checks, and thatís not all you do.

You can use Accounts Payable standalone, or expense invoices directly to the Job Cost module. Share invoice information entered through the Purchase Order module and post it directly to your Accounts Payable master file. From Accounts Payable, you can query all open purchase orders for each vendor. Learn more about this application and how it works hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable.

Accounts Payable Highlights
  • Automatic payment selection
  • Divisional payables and multiple bank accounts
  • Cash requirements forecasting
  • Use tax and freight allocation
  • Automatic clearing with Accounts Receivable
  • Electronic 1099 filing with Electronic Reporting module

Success Stories: Adventure Photo and Film, Ledford Medical.

Download the spec sheet for more information on module features and reports.
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